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Why Technology?



CSG’s use of technology connects its communities and customers to create value. 

Why Technology in Youth sports is a Critical Driver

Technology, specifically our smart phones, is the next-gen force that binds human relationships and often creates the basis for modern social fabric. The Capital Sports Group believes that by using our culture’s reliance on technology within the framework of sports and recreation, it (CSG and technology) can play a critical role in furthering the health and wellbeing of community fabrics and the quality of life concerns that drive consumer decisions.  CSG believes that it is technology that provides the critical linkage within the youth sports and recreation ecosystem that has been ignored by the industry.  Currently, facilities, programming, and technology only exist in silos and primarily benefit from each other only when the user serves as the activating agent, and usually for a very narrow purpose. Capital Sports Group understands that the technology in the day-to-day life of its customers can be better used to create revenue, efficiency, value, new opportunities, management analytics, customer growth, scale and scope efficiencies, along with the critically important and often evasive ability to capture, curate, and distribute relevant and marketable content. 

The Capital Sports Group has syndicated existing technologies in an organized and calculated manner to:

  • Help improve its customer's mental, physical and financial lives
  • Offer its customers increased engagement opportunities
  • Capture more of their screen time and expenditures
  • To both broadly and specifically measure its customer’s behavior
  • To reduce inefficient uses of time

All without requiring new consumer investment (in technology) or consumers learning any new tech skills.