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The Three Keys of Programming

The three keys of programming that must never be sacrificed to maximize the vision Dave Huntley had for the human experience:

  1. Help Others.  Huntley wanted to share his 40 years of knowledge and experience for the sole purpose of helping others be better.  Sunderland agreed and helped the pair create distribution opportunities so that others, young to old, new to experienced, would be able to use and share their collective successes, failures, and learned lessons with others; leading to better life experiences for all.  #Community.
  2. Be Great.  Greatness and the name Huntley are synonymous.  The example of greatness left to us by Dave Huntley was exemplified by being genuine, doing the little things well, especially in the face of easier alternatives, and relentlessly pursuing your passion.
  3. Prioritize the “It”.  Sunderland and Huntley, both family men, fathers, mentors, coaches, husbands, and people that call them friends, encouraged parents and players alike to prioritize the “it” in their lives.  That is, whatever “it” is at that time in your life: family, church, school, siblings, vacations, other sports, rest and relaxation, or whatever “it” might be, make “it” the priority and focus on “it”.  There are hundreds of opportunities to play lacrosse in life and there will always be next time.  Do not over-stress your family with illusions of a lacrosse commitment that leads to tomorrow.  Focus on the “it” of today and the lacrosse will always takes care of itself.

In order to support the human experience and the 3 priorities established by Sunderland and Huntley, a programming model was needed to be built and executed.  They decided that their entry point for demonstrating a better way and improved activation of sports and recreation, was through the sport of box lacrosse; true Canadian box lacrosse, taught the Huntley Way, in the truest spirit of what it means to be a part of a team.

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Capital Sports Group programming is designed in a way to allow athletes, parents and coaches to find an existing program to join or even start your own program. We offer numerous ways to get a program started in you area and will even help you join a league! 

Besides starting or joining a team we also offer the ability to create your own leagues. Although we specialize in lacrosse and box lacrosse we are also able to help you start a league in hockey, basketball and others! 

Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the following groups of people:

  • Brand new to the sport of Box Lacrosse or Lacrosse 
  • Parents of athletes looking to join a new league or team
  • Coaches looking to join a new league


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