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ECBL Set to Start

By Capital Sports Group, LLC., 07/19/19, 6:00PM EDT


Find out more about the ECBL and what to expect.

Winter Canadian Box Lacrosse, 2019-2020, coming to the East Coast.

The ECBL (East Coast Box Lacrosse League) focuses on three primary facets of the game:  1. Consistent Rules; 2. Quality Refs; 3. Valuable Competition.  In order to achieve the league’s objectives for all teams playing in the league, the ECBL, and its members, encourages a training-first approach, Canadian-style coaching, and fierce, fair player-spirit.  The ECBL is modeled after the True Canadian Box Game.

The set up for each weekend of play is as follows:

Every team in each age group will play both Saturday and Sunday. There will be 3 games per weekend- full length games with 3 periods and professional referees.  Also included each weekend are 2 hours of training-time allowed for each team.

The dates are set for the weekends of play.  Teams will play a total of 9 games (3 each weekend). The dates are:

December 7th-8th at Steelyard Sports in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and Marple Sports in Broomall, Pennsylvania

January 4th-5th in Richmond, Virginia at SCOR Richmond

February 1st-2nd at Marple Sports in Broomall, Pennsylvania

The ECBL has teams from all over the East Coast, coming together to compete for the Championship of the ECBL!

Age Designations (no exceptions allowed):

Born 2007 and younger:  PeeWee

Born 2006/05: Bantam

Born 2004/03: Midget

Born 2002 and older: HS Elite