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The Mint Atlantic Surf Resort and Beach Club

By Capital Sports Group, LLC., 07/18/19, 11:15AM EDT


A new surf resort and beach club will be opening at The Mint.

The Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Club (The MINT) will be adding more than just turf fields. The Mint will be bringing a resort-style destination to the East Coast, a first of its kind. What makes this different then other resorts on the East Coast? The Mint will be providing the East Coast's first artificial, new-wave surfing destination. 

The East Coast is blessed by a rich surf culture and now that culture goes beyond the beach, providing access to waves without having to step foot in the ocean. A pool will be in the Aquatic Center of the Mint, along with many other features to add to the excitement and overall experience when coming to The Mint. 

Find out more about The Mint and all of the features it will have!

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